Imensajeros offer a variety of messenger services to meet the needs of every client. We guarantee our delivery times so you're certain your package will arrive in time, no exceptions.

same day

Delivered within 7 hours*
Reliable, green and cheap.Your package is delivered today, not tomorrow or next week.


Delivered within 3 hours*
The missing link between 'same day' and 'normal' It's cheaper than our 'normal' service yet faster than 'same day'. We know that time is money; this 'economic' service lets you save both.


Delivered within 75 minutes*
Waiting for the messenger to arrive? Not with imensajeros! We deliver within these time frames without exception. Our 'normal' service has kept our clients working efficiently for years.


Delivered within 30 minutes*
We call our fastest service 'urgent'... everyone else just calls it amazing. We are the fastest messengers in Barcelona, and your package will be delivered on time or it's free. If you need a messenger ASAP, you'd better call us now!
If you have a special request, or you'd like to receive an offer for a daily service, please let us know. Our team of professional messengers is ready to amaze you with our service.
* Indicated times are for zone 1